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CNIC is Winnipeg based web design company. We have been serving Winnipeggers for about 5 years. CNIC is one of the best company to contact for your website development requirements, as they take care of your all web design requests according to your budget and satisfaction. You’ll be served by professional web design company that prides itself on supplying visually stunning custom web page design that helps your business promote better. Our attractive trendy Web design focus on Winnipeg businesses is what keeps attracting new visitors and promoting the business. You will get up to date professional custom web development solutions from us to receive more business online. If your Looking for a web design Winnipeg companies .Contact CNIC for your Winnipeg SEO and Graphic Design Winnipeg needs.

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A Good Web Design can Add Value to the Business

With the tremendous growth in internet usage and e-business the need for having a website by every business is quite evident. The business establishments can have the lots of advantages by having their own website. Having a website can help one’s business reach out to millions of potential customers around the world. Nowadays, trendy customers are doing online research about products and services prior to their purchase decision. Therefore, it will be advantageous if you have a website that could be searchable by popular search engines. Then, your business have better chance of contacted by customers compare to your other competitors.

As a result of an e-commerce website available today, the consumers can shop 24/7. Consequently, You have better chance of selling your products online and reduce the cost of middle man service and reach to expanded population. In other hand, the firms can communicate to customers through their websites. This may helps in reducing the number of calls. In addition, businesses need more promotional advertising to improve their business and most practical and most effective method of promoting a small business is through a website.

Above mention advantages are just a few of the advantages that any firm can get by owning a website. You need to have a quality and much organized attractive website to get much more out of it. In order to for a website to be effective it has to be attractive, creative and functional. Have a look below Our pricing list as follows

Web Design Pricing



Can I add Extra features to my Website?
Yes, we can help you that. but, there may be additional costs. Extra Features = Extra Time = Extra Money
Can I have the FTP account for my website?
Let us know if you are trying to do something in particular, there might be a way to do it without needing FTP access
Can I get FREE hosting ?
Yes. we are happy to give you 3 months free hosting and support. But , you have to refer someone for CNIC, and if he / she signed up with us you will get 3 month FREE hosting and support
Someone else asking me to help me with SEO Services
We probably receive 3 or 4 offers per day about SEO services, usually from companies in India. Just mark these offers as junk and delete them. Anybody offering you high or first page results on Google for a certain amount of money per month is a scam at worst and would only provide very short term benefits at best.
Somebody wants to register Chinese versions of your domain name
This is a SCAM ! stay out of it . somebody is trying to register your company name, trademark, or some version of your domain name often ending in the Chinese extension .cn, just mark the message as junk and delete it. These companies are using automated software to scan domain name registries. We can hide your domain information let us know before we purchase the domain name.
Optimizr.com has identified errors
This is also a SCAM! They are just trying to scare people into buying their service. Mark these messages as Junk and delete them. This is an automated system trying to trick you out
I have a site . But, I need someone to help me to fix it or update. Can you help me this?
Yes, we can help you out. First, we have to look at your site and we need to know how they built it. This is out of our packages mentioned above. However, we are happy to help you within our hourly rates. We recommended to have a look at our packages above. Those pricing may be cheaper than the helping you within our hourly rates plus you will get a brand new site with premium support for 24/7. (Within we will host you condition)
How long will be the project ?
Normally, we need 3 weeks minimum. Maximum 4 weeks. within this period we will contact you time to time to update you about the project details and updates. If you have question and more request , you can deliver within this duration. after launching if you still have more question; our hourly rate will apply to support additional setups.
Why isn't my website showing up on Google?
Your site is brand new. it take couple of week or may be months to catch up search engines. But we can help you out to speed up that process. This is all about popularity contest
What is the amount we have to pay before the project start?
You have to pay 50% of your project cost and then 25% of in 2nd meeting and rest before your site is launched. This project cost is our set up fee. But, Please note that after 30 days, or for any additional revisions you require before your website is launched we bill $28/hr.
Does the free first month of service start once my website is live?
The free month of service covers the time it takes to get your website up and running. We aim to get all new websites up and running within 30 days, but things sometimes happen that can cause delays. Either way, you aren’t billed for your first month of service until after 30 days or until your website is live.
How many times can we request to change within developmet period
Your are allowed to request 3 change orders. From the 4th time, we will charge within our hourly rates. So be prepare before do some changes its time consuming and it waste our time as well as yours plus it will subject to project delay
After launching my site, Can I get a support to do some changes? like to add some promotion on my site or add some coupons to my site. ect
Yes we can help you anything you ask. But we need to spend time for this. We will charge hourly basis for extra works
Can I pay my invoice online
Sure we can setup online PayPal Payments

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