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Digital Signage Winnipeg  
CNIC Provides digital singes for small business in affordable way. We provides our singes in media cloud .Let see how you can earn money with your Digital Signage,
When your potential customer is waiting in the lobby to meet you, they might be little frustrated due to longer waiting time. No worries. Take the advantage of the situation to promote your business. Use this time wisely to show your customers your product and services, and even promotions!: not only that; you even can earn money renting your slider spaces in your advertising TV. Make your own advertising package and sell your advertising space to your own neighbours advertisements. all money comes to you. CNIC, we manage your images, videos etc on our cloud at low monthly charge. Sounds amazing ha !? Have a look at our packages below. Choose your package that meet your business needs and contact us
---- Required ---- 2 Power sockets (one for the TV and other one for CNIC media box) Internet Buy HDMI support TV  and get it installed (or let us know for additional cost) CNIC Digital media box

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